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         Yangjiang susquehanna aquatic products co., LTD(Hereinafter referred to as“Mr Hainer”Or“Yangjiang susquehanna”)Was established2008Years11Month,Is a high quality seedlings breeding seawater fish、Aquaculture、Aquatic products processing、Merchandise trade、Deep-sea fishing,Collection of scientific research、Production、Commerce and trade as one of the focus on Marine development comprehensive enterprise。In the context of national development of Marine economy arises at the historic moment,In guangdong in the big tide of development of the Marine economic development experimental zone of the take。Mr Hainer and guangdong guangdong group now、Open aquaculture and so on many famous enterprises formed a strategic partnership。

         At present,Mr Hainer is actively involved in comprehensive experimental zone for the construction of the Marine economy of guangdong province,Steady progress was made in Marine industry comprehensive development project,Are included…