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Peak network technology co., LTD is shandong weifang weifang specialized is engaged in software development、Software customization、The software implementation of high-tech enterprises。Has a group of specialized is engaged in software development for a long time、Custom software professionals,Has the abundant technical development strength meet the demand of the government and the enterprise information。

Understand the peak network technology co., LTD

The core technology


androidSoftware development is a including requirements capture,Demand analysis,Design,Implementation and testing of systems engineering。Software is typically implemented in some programming language。Usually the use of the software development tools can be developed。


The interface layoutXcode Interface BuilderThe basic knowledge,UseXcodeTo writeMVCThe program,Using a text、The keyboard and buttons,The use of basic controls。The use of advanced controls,Remind processing,Scenario and pop-up box processing,Toolbar and selector,Two kinds of controller。Table view and split view controller。Reading and writing the application data。Interface rotation and size processing,Multi-touch and gesture recognition。Front detection equipment and mobile。Multimedia applications,To realize localization。Integration with other applications。The development of a general project program。

Product display

Product advantage

Fast and efficient

Team has a clear and challenging goals,The goal is to the needs of customers。All the members of the project team to understand and agree with this goal,And the personal development plan coordinated with project objectives,Common struggle for the realization of the fine foreground of the project。

One-stop service

One-stop service

From the initial design idea,The changes in the process of development,At the end of the delivery of the project,After delivery project and maintenance,The company will be,Trying to let customers at ease、Satisfied with it。

Low cost operation

In addition to the team members need to pay expenses,Other less expenses,Combined with the development of high efficiency team,The development cycle,Greatly reduces the cost of operation。

 Low cost operation

Professional team work

Professional team work

Each team member collaboration,Everyone knows what he's doing,Which part should be completed。Encounter problems in a timely manner to discuss soldier with the fastest speed, the optimal solution to problem solving。

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