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Huaibei longyuan flag industry co., LTD

Huaibei longyuan flag industry co., LTD. Is a flag of larger production base in anhui province,Located in the north waihuan middle green civilization huaibei city economic development zone,The registered capital500Ten thousand yuan,Company staff20More than one。

Company beautiful environment,Was named the garden type factory;The equipment is advanced,From Switzerland、The Japanese flag production machinery and equipment procurement integration,Automated production。

Company's main products are the national flag,All countries in the world、The company banner、Enterprise flag、Ore flag、Ensign、Navigation banner、Conical pole, etc。The company products are mainly sold to guangzhou、Shenzhen、Shanghai、Nanjing、Xuzhou、Qingdao、Wuhan、Xiamen、Hefei、Shandong、Henan、Jiangsu、Beijing、Xi 'an、Liaoning、Heilongjiang province and other places;Exports to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan、Japan、South Korea、Germany、France、The United Kingdom、East timor、Brunei、Symbian in the United States、South Africa、India、Australia and other countries。Company produces the watermark technology of nano waterproof banner in the cooperative enterprise has obtained the high praise。

Huaibei longyuan flag industry limited company in line with the attitude of honesty and trustworthiness,The pragmatic spirit,Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit、Guidance and business negotiation。

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